HipHopDX Premiere: Los Angeles-based rapper $K returns with the follow up to “Who I Am” with “Alana,” which is about the same woman who initially caused his initial heartbreak he expressed on “Who I Am.” The track finds $K still very much heartbroken, but has moved to the next phase of it. He’s no longer sad, but officially obsessive and creepy, an ideal sentiment for Valentine’s Day.

As explained in a press release, after a seven year relationship with his high school sweetheart came to an unexpected end, $K found deep inspiration in heartbreak. Currently working on his solo project, MAMA’s BOY, he continues to explore the highs and lows of growing up in inner city Los Angeles, family, heartbreak and money dreams.

“Don’t live your life working a dead end job that you hate,” he said. “Fuck being comfortable. Fuck stability if it’s breaking your heart and killing your dreams. Only live your passion. I can’t see myself working retail or getting a good job for the city. I need the keys to my city.”

Listen above.